Born on the Cambrian coast around the middle of the twentieth century the geography of West Wales and the rhythm of the agricultural seasons etched a permanent map on the psyche of this artist. There was at once the traditional horse powered farming, hand milking and chapel and the contrasting modernity of beach life, motorcycles and the intellectuals of the University. It was a richer environment for a child than many in, say, London encountered and a force for social mobility.

Despite later encounters with London and Toronto that period remains a primary informant for the work.

Influences come and go but there are evergreens, J.G.Ballard, Ralph Vaughan-Williams, Brian Eno, Joni Mitchell, Peter Greenaway and Shakespeare to name a few.

A graduate of Chelsea college of Art and design, Williams was co-founder and senior partner of the St.Art Gallery in London where he gained experience of both sides of the art world.

Currently living and working in Cambridgeshire

Paul Williams B.A. (Hons.) Chelsea