An introduction to the work of the artist Paul Williams

I am not trying impose an interpretation, The work is there as a place for you to go, you will form your own relationship with the pieces because you are unique.

"Kerry" oil on panel 15cm x 87cm

"Edge" oil on panel 16cm x 87cm

Early in my career it became apparent there were two obstructions on the creative road. One was categories and the other was expectation. The decision was made to disregard both. For example, I used film as a "dynamic photograph" literally a moving picture, no 'plot' or moral structure.

Again with painting the figurative or abstract division had to be lost in order to create a form of suggested landscape in which the mind of the viewer creates much of the image, making the same painting a different experience for each person looking at it.

Of course some of the works are narrative or representational, to not have executed them would have replaced an external set of categories with one of my own making